Hotel Mediterraneo

A rare example of original of Art Deco Style, Where Customers are Cherished

10 Floors of true and original Art Deco

Designed by Art Deco Architect Mario Loreti in 1936, Hotel Mediterraneo is a 4 ½ star hotel in the heart of  Rome and sits on top of Esquilino Hill, the highest of Rome’s Seven Hills, offering magnificent views of Rome. Its central location allows you to reach the main ancient monuments with a short walk, including the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Forum, the Opera House, the Roman National Museum Romano, the basilica of Saint Mary Major and Via Veneto. Termini Station, the bus terminal and the subway are a few minutes away making it very convenient to move smoothly around the city. The train shuttle to and from the LeonardodaVinci / Fiumicino airport, is located a few meters from the hotel.

The Hotel Mediterraneo, an Art Deco Dream Come True!

The Hotel Mediterraneo is the tallest building in the centre of Rome, 50 meters high with 10 floors and 245 rooms. Built in the 1930’s, its style reflects the Art Deco and monumental taste of those times. Marble busts of Roman emperors and mosaics depicting the story of Ulysses decorate the hall. The interior decoration is dominated by wood and marble. Inspired by the name Mediterraneo, the sea theme can be enjoyed throughout the hotel.

The class is Art Deco.

You will find it in the beautiful ceilings of the breakfast room, decorated with oak carved tritons and mermaids, and in the two monumental chandeliers which are reminiscent of tall-ship lanterns. Marble features mix with polished wood: the handsome staircase built with suspended blocks of marble, the stylish bar with its alabaster counter top and inlaid wood panelling depicting Bacchus in the company of the grape harvesters.
In the light drawing room you will find a large parchment map of the Mediterranean Sea and over the fireplace an inlay of precious woods picturing a puzzle that will challenge you…

When was this Art Deco masterpiece built?

Designed in 1936 by the architect Mario Loreti for Maurizio Bettoja, the Hotel Mediterraneo is one of the finest examples of Art Decò in Rome. It mixes a variety of elements – mosaics, stuccoes, precious wood inlays and panelling – that continue to amaze and delight to this day. In the Esquilino area where the ties between ancient and modern architecture are so evident, the Hotel Mediterraneo is perfect in its unique mix tradition and innovation, where you can enjoy the sophistication and glamour of the 1930’s with all the modern comforts.

Our10th Floor: the highest suites and Roof Garden in Central Rome

On the 10th floor you will find 7 bright and luxurious suites with terraces, and a Roof Garden restaurant and bar. These rooms have breath taking views over Rome, including St. Peters, the Quirinale, St. Mary Major and the hills around the city.
The smart Roof Garden restaurant and bar offers fine Italian and international cuisine, accompanied by a well selected list of wines and spirits.

Conventions: Many Advantages in a Single Location

The Hotel Mediterraneo, with its state of the art technology, offers a Congress Centre which can accommodate up to 150 people in its four meeting rooms, ideal for both large conventions and small workshops. The hotel can offer catering facilities or, should you prefer, the choice of 2 restaurants. And our historic restaurant Massimo d’Azeglio is just across the street.