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Roof-garden Bettoja

  1. PREMIUM BREAKFAST Roof-garden: 7.00 am / 10.30 am
  2. LUNCH Ristorante Roof-garden: 12.30 pm / 3.00 pm
  3. DINNER Ristorante Roof-garden: 7.30 pm / 11.00 pm

At the 10th floor of the hotel, perched on Rome’s highest hill, the Esquilino, is the amazing "Roof-garden" Restaurant & Bar.The rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of Rome and its surrounding hills.

It is a magical spot where you can have delicious meals or sip a cool drink listening to music while enjoying the unparalleled views of the Eternal City. 

Indeed, from “Roof-garden” of the Mediterraneo you can admire most of the wonders of Rome including the St. Peter’s Dome, the Forum, the Quirinale, the Colosseum, breathtaking sunrises and romantic sunsets.

15 Via Cavour 00187 Roma Italia

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